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Thank you for purchasing this design for ProPhoto 5. Please use this guide to assist you in customizing the design to fit your brand. Please read all of the instructions and familliarize yourself with ProPhoto by viewing their tutorials library here: PROPHOTO TUTORIALS

Please contact me at if you have any questions, I am more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. I encourage you to look at all of the area of ProPhoto to become familiar where things are located.

*PHOTOSHOP or PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS is required to modify the PSD files. Most of the elements in the design are buttons and can be modified inside of ProPhoto. If you need an element that can not be changed inside ProPhoto, you will use the included PSD files to make those changes.

TIP: Images with a clear or transparent background must be saved as a png file to maintain transparency. All the PSD files are correctly sized for the design.  PSD files are named for their location inside of ProPhoto.


  1. You must have ProPhoto 5 installed and activated. 
  2. To install your new design log into your Wordpress Site, look for the “ProPhoto” link on the left hand menu. Hover or click on the “ProPhoto” link, select “Manage Designs” from the ProPhoto Menu, then click on the button “Upload Design Zip”.  A popup will appear and you can select the zip file you received on download here. 
  3. Once uploaded the design will be placed into the Purchased Designs area and you can begin working with the design on your site.

Please view the tutorial on how to upload your new design here:  INSTALLING PROPHOTO DESIGNS

If you are installing a design that was purchased directly from, the file structure is a little different that ProPhoto's package.  Your design files from will include a zip file of the PSD Design files, an instruction file and the actual design zip file that you will upload under Manage Designs in ProPhoto and will be structured like (  


My site doesn't look like the demo site after I upload it onto my site. What do I do?

I am trying to upload a design and I keep getting this error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the <code>style.css</code> stylesheet. Theme install failed. What do I do?


This design is set up to be a blogsite also called a website and blog in one.  The design should import the design with a default Static Home Page (designname_homepage) and a Posts/Blog (designname_postspage) page.  Inside of your Wordpress Dashboard you can see all of your available pages under the “Pages” link in your menu on the left hand side of your Wordpress Dashboard.  If your design did not set up and home page and posts page for you automatically you will need to set this up manually.

Click here to view HOW TO SET UP A STATIC HOME PAGE 


The static home page consists of widgets, buttons, and grids.  You need to become familiar with how widgets, buttons, and grids work in ProPhoto, these built in features allow you to easily create custom pages.  Please take a look at the widgets area to see what buttons and content are included with the design:  Wordpress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets 


Once you have your design uploaded and active you will need to modify the menu to link to your content, pages and posts.  The menu area is located here:  Wordpress Dashboard -> ProPhoto -> Customize -> Menus



ProPhoto has built in Page Specific ProPhoto Options located below your text editor in pages and posts.  This area allows you to make certain areas within ProPhoto either visible or hidden on that particular page or post.



The majority of the elements in this design are created using the Buttons feature in ProPhoto. Please look at the buttons area to become familiar with your new design to see what elements you need to modify or duplicate to customize your design:

Wordpress Dashboard -> ProPhoto -> Customize -> Buttons

Buttons are images, fonts and/or graphic layers that are modified inside of ProPhoto.

PSD files are included for graphic elements and backgrounds for buttons. If you need to modify a button graphic, open the appropriate PSD file, make your changes and upload the graphic into the specific button edit screen. The text is modified within the button edit screen, you can changle the color, text, etc. in the button editor. The PSD files are sized appropriately for their specific button. Buttons can be placed into several different areas of ProPhoto such as menus and widgets located in the sidebar, bio area, and footer.


ProPhoto Grids are images that point to specific pages or posts within your Wordpress site.  In order to use ProPhoto grids you must have custom grids with links created, pages and/or posts. Grids pull from your content so if you don’t have any pages or posts, create them and then insert your ProPhoto Grid inside of the home page.  ProPhoto grids can be placed inside of Posts, Pages and Widget Areas.  

Click on a link below to view ProPhoto tutorials covering Widgets, Grids, & Buttons:





ProPhoto has three built in gallery options, Slideshow, Slider and Lightbox.  You can insert a gallery inside of a page or post.  

View Detailed Information on PROPHOTO GALLERIES


THIS IS GENERAL INFORMATION AND NOT DESIGN SPECIFIC on the different layouts available in ProPhoto.  The GRAY boxes are fixed and can not be moved to different locations.  The PINK boxes can be moved to different locations.  The SIDEBAR can be assigned to the LEFT or RIGHT.  The Primary Nav, Secondary Nav, Logo, and Masthead and trade positions with one another or several different orientations built into ProPhoto in the here:  Wordpress Dashboard-> ProPhoto -> Customize -> Header Area