Have you ever met or been called a serial entrepreneur?  Sometimes I feel like I should be the definition.  My brain literally never shuts off, if I am awake, I am thinking of something new and creative, and ways to add more things to my creative plate.

I believe some people are naturally born entrepreneurs.  As long as I have been able to dream I have been creating brands and businesses.  Lemonade stand? Yep, I've done that.   I am not afraid of failure, love taking risks, and have the "you will regret it later if you don't try it now" philosophy.   

dawn alderman

brand stylist . designer . dreamer

business & passion projects

Dawn alderman Design LLC

Lavender mercantile co.


letterpress studio

i prefer to be behind the camera

yes, Cupcakes!

fun facts

music that i love

the white buffalo


the sweeplings

i have a masters degree in nursing

lavender farm

john loves june

I am a licensed contractor

I am an introvert, or extroverted introvert, or something like that.

I'm married to an aussie

1908 Hotel

favorite drink


red wine

lavender sidecar

Lavender lemonade - gin

bruce lee - porter

It's a long story, but I come by this honestly.

I started my design business and my masters program at the same time.   Being a creative, the design business was the natural winner and I have not worked as and RN for nearly 5 years, I have no regrets and am thankful for the ability to choose my own path.

No I don't build houses.  In 2013 I fell in love with an old building on main street that needed a complete interior demolition and remodel.  Instead of spending $$$$$ having someone else do the work, we did it as a family.

I am my happiest when I am alone with my creative thoughts, comfy clothes, good music and the people I love - in a separate room of course!

Sorry ladies! He unfortunately lost his accent. BOO! But he does have an epic beard. Raise your hands if you are a beard lover!

i live in a famous rodeo town

One week a year our little town in Eastern Oregon nearly triples for the World Famous Pendleton Roundup.

makery school

mayde apothecary


Welcome to Westworld . . . Just kidding! My mercantile is housed in a 121 year old building with a madame statue out front and a brothel upstairs, like for real, you can actually take a tour and see it!


On the horizon

tintype photography

i like being alone but i want someone to be alone with, if that
makes sense.

Let''r buck!